Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Give your Home the Wow Factor with a Bespoke Kitchen

In recent years, as TVs invade our living rooms and bedrooms become private retreats, kitchens have taken over as the central hub of the home. A place to chat, relax and find peace in an increasingly noisy world. A haven. But, to create that ideal space, you need to create a kitchen that you feel comfortable in; one that fits perfectly within your home and works alongside your needs and individuality. More and more people are turning to bespoke to answer their design dilemmas, and it’s not hard to see why! As designers and manufacturers of bespoke kitchens in Sussex, we thought we’d tell you a little more about what exactly goes into a bespoke, contemporary kitchen, and why it could be the choice for you.

Sleek Cabinets
As one of the main design features of a kitchen, the cabinets have to be a focal point when designing. For contemporary kitchens in Sussex, a glossed finish is usually preferable as it gives that modern, sleek look and works brilliantly in bright block colours or minimalist monochrome. However, if you want a more traditional bespoke kitchen, real wood can create a cosy yet classy style. You can design everything for your cabinets from the style of hinges right down to the door handles, making them undeniably ‘you’.

Another design feature to consider will be your worktops. With such a huge range of materials to choose from, this can be a tough decision! At Wood and Wisdom bespoke kitchens in Sussex, we can work with a variety of surfaces including solid wood, granite, marble and quartz. When picking your worktop, you should consider how it will flow with the rest of the room; think about your cabinet colour and material, as well as the lines and curves of your units. If you’ve got the space, an island in the centre of your kitchen using the same worktop surface is a great way to tie your whole room together and create that contemporary feel.

The Little Things
One of the great perks of bespoke kitchens in Sussex is being able to add those little details that make a whole lot of difference! Sometimes, it’s these personal touches that can really transform your kitchen. A curved edge on your cabinet doors, worktops positioned at different heights and even unique little additions such as the perfect space to fit your radio are what make bespoke kitchens so special.

A Space to Suit your Home
No matter the size or layout of your kitchen, there will always be little areas that standard kitchens just don’t fit quite right in or spaces that aren’t utilised to their full potential. At Wood and Wisdom bespoke kitchens in Sussex, we’ll create your designs to fit perfectly into your room. Awkward crevices are transformed into innovative storage spaces and corners no longer get in the way but are incorporated into your design! Small kitchens can especially benefit from these creative touches, making the most of what you have and creating a space that you’d never think possible in a little room!

If you’d like to learn more about our bespoke kitchens or timber windows in West Sussex, you can take a look on our website or get in touch with us directly. We’re always happy to answer any questions and look to how we can create your dream kitchen for you!

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Sash Windows Sussex

Wood and Wisdom are specialists in sash windows Sussex. With their extensive woodworking machinery, such as table saw, they can provide any type of bespoke double glazing.

Wood and Wisdom not only have a very wide range of timber to choose from but also years of knowledge and experience in timber windows and timber doors in Sussex and Surrey areas of Southern England.

In addition to all these they can also help you with wooden staircases as well. Especially the spiral staircases are their speciality.

To extend their services even more, they also provide the best wooden orangeries and timber conservatories.

Lastly they can provide timber garden gates or wood garden bridges too.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Finding Letting Agents In Sunningdale

Once you find the perfect rental homes in Sunningdale, the next thing that you will face is finding the right letting agent/s who will help you deal with the tenancy agreement between you and the landlord.  Searching on-line or asking around will help you and you will realise that there are a lot of Surrey letting agents.  Whom will I choose?  The Residential Lettings Department at Barton Wyatt will definitely give you offers that will suit your needs and the landlord's needs as well.  Their services are catered to whichever clients they will assist.

Barton Wyatt's Lettings Department team has been serving the Surrey area, specifically in Virginia Water, Englefield Green and the Wentworth Estate.  They also cover some areas in Berkshire like Ascot and Sunningdale.  If you are searching for a team with a reputable expertise in this field, they are what you are looking for.  They have been in this business for several decades and you are assured that the team is up-to-date with the laws pertaining to this business.  Since they are the experts here in Surrey, they will definitely give you the best advise on that home that you are planning to rent out.  Finding a letting agent who will truly help you deal with these agreements is synonymous to finding your perfect home.  It is not easy but once you find the right agent or team for that matter, the benefits that you will get are tremendous.  It will surely help you in smoothing things out with your landlord.

Please contact Barton Wyatt for properties near ACS Egham.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Friday, 5 July 2013

Restaurant Fit Out on a Budget

If you’re considering opening your own restaurant business, or perhaps you just want to renovate an existing restaurant yet your budget is very limited for the restaurant fit out, why not do it on your own rather than use restaurant fit out contractors? There are lots of creative and affordable ways to do it, and here are some tips.

Clean It Up Well

Of course, your restaurant should appear neat and tidy in order to convince customers to dine inside. Thus, the first step on your restaurant fit out project is to clean up the surroundings well. Wash and clean each and every area inside, including the walls, countertops, display shelves, cabinets, drawers, and including the kitchen even though it is not visible to your customers.


The next thing that you need to do is to paint the overall interiors in order to make it look even more appealing to your customers. Choose colours that are related to your brand as well as the kind of food that you serve. You can make use of some bright colours if you want to attract attention. Don’t forget to repaint the chairs, tables, walls and the counters, because these things are what the customers would easily notice of.

Make Deals with Artist

If you cannot afford to purchase expensive decors and artwork for your restaurant fit out, then your best option is to hire a local artist in your community and ask them to come up with a design for your walls. Since these artists are still not professional on the field, they will certainly offer their services to you at a reasonable price. You can even ask for some creative ideas from them on how you can make your restaurant look appealing to your target consumers. They are artists after all, so they certainly know what’s creative and what’s not.

Look for Online Suppliers

Instead of shopping at department stores or retail outlets for the supplies that you need for your restaurant fit out, why not consider searching the Internet for some local suppliers that can give you discounts. Inquire from these suppliers online and ask for a price quotation on the supplies that you need, such as chairs, tables, etc.


To complete your overall restaurant fit out, try to put some colourful wallpapers on your walls. This can help to enhance the interiors of your restaurant and the great thing about wallpapers is that they are not that costly, unlike if you use a real wood. You can also purchase affordable wallpapers from the local suppliers online.

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Monday, 17 June 2013

Why Businesses Opt for Hotel Fit Out Contractors?

If you are a hotel owner, then perhaps you have heard a lot about Hotel Fit Out companies. And as you know, a lot of hotels have relied on the services that these companies can provide. If you are interested to hire their services, read the following to find out why a lot of businesses would rely on Hotel Fit Out contractors.
Low Cost
Any hotel owner would certainly want to be able to save on their day to day expenses and it is for this reason why they hired a third party company for their hotel fit out. There are also companies that can provide facility management software which can make your hotel operations to run smoothly and in a more economical way. Having this software can help to lessen your overhead cost and other utility bills.
Client Satisfaction
Another reason why a lot of hotel owners would hire Hotel Fit Out contractors is because they heard from other hotel owners just how satisfied they are with the kind of service that they receive from these companies. The owners were so satisfied and happy with the way they run their organization and manage their facilities.
Easy and Convenient
As mentioned above, there are some Hotel Fit Out contractors that will provide facilities management software as part of the services that they offer. The great thing about this software is that it is so easy and convenient to use. With the help of the software, there is no longer a need to keep track of the data and bookings manually, especially when it comes to accessing information and modifying them. The software is so convenient and will definitely help to keep your hotel to run as efficiently as possible.
The things mentioned are just among the many advantages that Hotel Fit Out contractors can provide you. By relying on the services of these companies, you could lessen the operation cost in your business and improve the efficiency of the hotel’s operation and increase the profit over time. 

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Friday, 22 March 2013

Things you need to Know about Office Fit Out

Office fit out can be quite a bit complicated and would require accurate budget estimation. But there are lots of office refurbishment companies out there who can handle these tasks easily and will be able to achieve the right design for your business in a reasonable cost. The cost will often depend on the size of the place that you need renovated. If you run a business that requires a huge space, such as a commercial gym, then you are expected to spend a lot more for the commercial gym design. Other than the size, the amount of work required is also another factor that could affect the overall cost of fit out services.

It is important that you ensure that the proper budget estimation is calculated before the project will take place. This is to allow for revisiting of the capital expenses. But there is one thing to keep in mind. A lot of people are usually confuse on the word “fit-out”, so read the following to understand this term better.
The application of office fit out is generic within a given industry. If you are in the retail industry, the fit out needed for the commercial space is pretty much similar. But then again, the rate will also depend on the type of retail interior design that you want. Also, you must be aware that there are some hidden costs involved depending on the site accessibility, location, ceiling height, corporate finishes and other additional services that you want to be done.

Commercial interior design is actually quite strenuous and would require much of your time. It also requires quite a lot of financial investment. For example, a commercial gym design would need a big space for the exercise equipment and other machineries to be set-up. Not only that, you will have to set-up some shower cubicles for the clients to use and the bathrooms, too. In this case, you will need an office fit out specialist to help you in the budgeting.

You might think that you can do the task on your own, but it is very risky to go through an interior designing process without proper surveying on the area. It is also a must that you hire professionals that have experiences on the kind of business that you have. For example, in the retail industry, it is a good idea to look for designers that are well-knowledgeable with retail interior design. High quality interior designers are now easy to find, with the help of the Internet.

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